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What is this?
Candy bag charms are a relatively new style of shaker charm. The outer “bag” is made of a durable vinyl printed with custom artwork, usually reminiscent of a candy or chip bag. The inside is filled with air, your glitter of choice, and an acrylic featuring 1-2 characters. I do not make these myself so there are limitations on how it is made and what goes inside, such as the types of glitter that are available.

A note on the "squishiness" of the charms:
Changes in air pressure (from elevation or from climate) can cause the amount of air in the bag to change! The commission will come with enough pieces that all of the charms should not be entirely deflated, but please understand that international orders have a high chance of going flat.

What does this come with?
Each candy bag commission comes with 10 bags, 6 of which are guaranteed to be “A” grade. It also comes with a heart button of the acrylic design plus 300dpi files of both the “bag” and the acrylic.

How long does it take?
This is an entirely new style of commission for me – I’m going to highball it and say that the artwork can take up to a month. The charm order will be placed within 4 months of the commission, and takes and additional 4-8 weeks to be made. If you want to know more details on when I plan to place the next charm order. You’re welcome to ask about it in you inquiry but I won’t be keeping this page updated with that info.

Do’s and Don’ts
I’m also a daki artist – I have surprisingly few reservations when it comes to content. Creature art, gore, and fetish illustration are welcome subjects for inquiry. If your request is outside of my comfort zone or I don’t believe I can do it justice, I’ll tell you up front with no hard feelings. However, I absolutely will not do pedophilia, incest, or illustrate NSFW of OCs (including fursonas) that are not your own or a partner's. Exceptions to the latter may be made with express direct consent from the owner of the character. I also usually decline commissions for original characters that do not have at least one fullbody reference available.
*Also please keep in mind that a square / triangular shape for the character's pose looks best overall.

Base Commission Pricing
Candy bag charms are a type of merch with limitless potential: I’ve included a few examples of what things might look like and their average pricing. This is assuming that the acrylic inside is single sided and that the “bag” has no text on the back of it. The front of the bag can include about 25 characters of large text. Scroll down for additional upgrades.

Additional upgrades

I can also add images or text to the back of the charm! Here is a layout of the back of the charm that you can use to explain what else you may want. You’re also welcome to dig up reference images of chip or snack bags and send them my way.

There are also clasps and glitter upgrades available: some of the insertables include faux candies, etc, which would raise the price by no more than $5 per upgrade. ^^

Commission slots applications are open! Please click here if the form below isn't loading. Applications will be closed on June 15th and a waitlist will be established by June 22nd!

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