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'Honorary' Heart Buttons!

'Honorary' Heart Buttons!

Sometimes a person is so close to a tier that they earn that "honorary" ranking. Wear your badge of shame proudly!

Featured: One heart-shaped button approximately 2.5" wide.

Pin-style backing!
These buttons have a safety-pin-like attachment on the back to make it easy and secure to fasten. If you want to make it extra secure, we recommend picking up earring backings from your local craft store!

Protective mylar!
You're probably familiar with the clear layer of plastic that comes over most buttons. These hearts have the same, but PLEASE NOTE! The mylar has a small gap on top that leaves it vulnerable to water damage. This is industry standard for the shape of the buttons.

Safe, recyclable shipping!
All of our orders ship either in a bubble mailer, or a cardboard box! Depending on the program in your area, the bubble mailer may need to be ground up before recycling. Please recycle your packaging after you receive your goods!