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Mighty Sensei Dakimakura!

$12.00 USD - $65.00 USD
Mighty Sensei Dakimakura!

Thank you Goose, for commissioning! They have kindly permitted the sale of copies of this design. ^^

Looking to save up before the big buy? We restock our body pillows about quarterly.

All of our dakimakura measure approx 21" by 60", which is about standard size, but can run long depending on where you get your pillow. Please keep in mind that this listing is for a body pillow COVER, and doesn't include any stuffing! The type of closure on the body pillow can vaacary (cos my manufacturer is weird like that) but right now all pillows in stock feature a zipper-style closure.

Wash Instructions:
-Turn your pillowcase inside out before loading.
-Wash in warm water. Don't use bleach or fabric softeners!
-Tumble dry low (watch him carefully, overdrying can cause shrinkage!)

They KEYCHAIN listed is a dakimakura keychain! It's printed fabric just like the dakis themselves, and pre-stuffed for an on-the-go squishable companion!


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