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Anti-Fas Spit Sticker!

$1.00 - $10.00
Anti-Fas Spit Sticker!

The price of this item is deliberately below market value in order to make it accessible.

Using stickers to vandalize public property is illegal and bad. We do not condone illegal acts. Especially acts that are recorded by dash cams or security cams. Keep in mind that violating another's autonomy is a moral crime greater than vandalism. Also, drink water. :)

This is a vinyl sticker that measures 3" x 1.5". I ordered it through stickerapp so the vinyl is pretty durable but NOT UV resistant. It will hold up for a few weeks on cars or windows but was made with water bottles, laptops, hard hats, etc in mind.

If ordered alone, they will be shipped in a plain white envelope WITHOUT tracking. If you'd like tracking, include it in your note and we'll reach out so we can invoice you to cover the difference. (If you order other products alongside, it's automatically going to have tracking.)