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Unicorn Juno Batch Candy Bag Charms!

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Unicorn Juno Batch Candy Bag Charms!

This run of candy bag charms is a bit more vulnerable to scratching than we'd like, so we've priced them lower than we originally intended. Check the fourth slide for more info!


These "candy bag" charms are comprised of a thick, flexible plastic for the outer bag, and a solid acrylic (as you see for standard charms) for the inner pieces. The outer bag is made from a thick, durable, transparent plastic - think of the plastic used for ID wallets, or clear umbrellas! While the amount of air in the bag varies from charm to charm, there's no concern with overfilling - the charms are fine to give a firm, satisfying squeeze to without worrying about it popping on you. The character acrylics have single sided printing on them - some of the characters may get flipped backwards while in transit, which is a relatively easy fix. (It's a bit of a brain teaser, but if you flip the charm using gravity instead of shaking it, you should get there within a few minutes.) The charms measure approximately 3" wide, and have enough air that they probably won't fit comfortably inside of an itabag, but will look awesome hanging off the side!

***Discount "Prototype Charm": Same size as the other Juno Batch Charms but does not have glitter on the inside, only the acrylic charm! This one also comes with a star-shaped keychain instead of the 'ball chain' our other bags come with.


As these are a prototype product, some of them have minor flaws! It's mostly stuff that won't impact the overall joy of the charm - some of them have ink fading on the red, zig-zaggy bit of the wrapper, a bit less air than we'd like, etc. "A GRADE" is the default and will be available at $15 [standard price]. "B GRADE" indicates that it has minor flaws, and will be priced at $10 [discounted price].


All candy bag charms will be shipped in a box to ensure product integrity. We've purchased slightly larger boxes so that they can also ship nestled safely inside of a print - if you wanted some of those, as well!

We have US, CAN, UK, and AU in our shipping by default, but we are more than happy to look up a quote to your address to add your country! Either DM us on social media or use the contact form on the left to ask about it!
*Please keep in mind that international orders do NOT have a tracking number once they leave the US. Tracked international packages will usually cost 2x-4x the listed cost. If you'd like it tracked, please message us ASAP once you place your order so that we can invoice you for the difference!
**Also, international shipping is taking about 3-6 months due to the pandemic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We love 2020.