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Congratulations, you've found my dakimakura commission inquiry form! The text below is very information heavy, but please make sure to read through in order to avoid miscommunication. To review examples of my body pillows, click here: [SFW] [NSFW] [BOTH] [FURAFFINITY]

Limited commission slots will be open for September and November 2021. 
Quotes will be available regardless of commission slot availability. Please ensure that you have a quote before applying for a commission slot. Due to limited resources, the applications will be juried - applying for a slot does NOT guarantee you will obtain one. I'm trying to find the best combination of commissions where I can finish all work before Youmacon (Halloween weekend!) So rejection/acceptance does not necessarily reflect on how eager I am to work on your piece.

Once we agree on a price, I'll send you an invoice via Square! (Heads' up: MI's 6% sales tax applies to the quotes you see below as commissions count as a good.) All commissions are to be paid in part up front, before work begins. If you have any questions regarding availability or my comfort with certain subjects, please feel free to DM me on Twitter or Insta. (I'll tell you up-front that I absolutely will not draw pedophilia, incest, or illustrate NSFW of OCs (including fursonas) that are not your own or a partner's. Exceptions to the latter may be made with express direct consent from the owner of the character.)

Due to the made-to-order nature of commissions and the labor intensive nature of painting something that's nearly as tall as I am, the cost can very greatly from subject to subject. I'm very happy to recieve any inquiry and won't take it personally if the quote for what you'd like happens to be out of your budget.

A dakimakura commission will come with:

  • 2x 50cmx160cm (21"x63") zipper-bottomed, polyester body pillow cases printed with your commission.
  • 5x body pillow keychains [like these] also printed with your commission.
  • 300DPI, 53x163cm file(s) of your finished commission
  • Private channels on a discord server specifically for sharing references, wips, and discussion on your commission.
  • A contract! Normalize contracts for high dollar commissions, y'all.



WORKFLOW: I have up to two slots available at any given time. Each design requires about 5-10 days to complete. This means that slot 2 may take up to 20 days to begin! 

MERCH ACQUISITION: During a convention year, I usually place a daki order quarterly. Due to COVID this frequency may be reduced to no less than bi-annual. I'm not going to provide specifics on when the next order will be placed so that I don't have to edit this page too often, but I'm happy to provide more information upon request.

The pricing will vary depending on the content and copyright of a piece! Because of how intimate a character pillow can be, some people want an exclusive run! That's cool! I've made this chart so that you know what general ballpark your commission will be in. If the image won't load, click here.

A FEW CLAUSES FROM THE CONTRACT, FOR YOUR PERUSAL: Read through this if you'd like to know what expectations I prefer to set regarding communication and payment.

Terms of Payment: 

Once a price is agreed upon, the Client will be billed through Square Invoices for a sum equal to no less than 50% of the agreed value of the commission. Work will begin once this deposit is paid. The remaining balance will be due upon submission of the final, low-res WIP of the dakimakura when both parties agree the piece to be complete.

Right to Revision:

The Artist agrees to submit no fewer than four low-res images for revision to the Client before completing the work, at reasonable progress points (sketch, secondary sketch, underpainting, overpainting) throughout the work. These submissions should be considered open to feedback. Below is a schedule of progress points and the appropriate feedback or requests for each point. The Client has the right to three major revisions, determined at the Artist’s discretion, to the composition before an up-front fee equivalent to 20% of the value of the artwork will be imposed. These major revisions will be noted and confirmed by the Artist and Client before implementing. Any revision requiring major overhaul (i.e., redoing the leg pose when the artwork is already at the underpainting stage) will automatically incur this fee. The Artist agrees to state any fees imposed and to explain the reasoning behind them before billing.

Commission negotiation - Character specifics, mood of the piece, outfit requests, character pose, detail requests
Sketch - posing, gesture, placement of elements within the artwork
Secondary sketch - the placement of details within the piece, accessories, fine tuning of gesture/pose, expression
Underpainting - color palette, light source, minor changes to anatomy
Overpainting - Detailing, minor color changes (i.e. eye color), highlights, contrast, textures, drapery

(Essentially, I am always seeking feedback. For the most effective timeline on your commission, please give me the types of feedback you see at the stages listed, or earlier. I want this art to be very special to you! Because of my painterly style, once I get too far into a piece, certain types of revisions can cost me a lot of time. If I feel that the quantity or type of revision you’re requesting will be too time consuming, I will point it out and confirm is as one of your three ‘major revisions’ before moving forward. Likewise, if you make a request that would be a ‘major overhaul’, I’ll explain why it’s so intensive before confirming the fee and billing you for it.)

Right of Refusal:

It is the intent of this contract that the Artist creates this artwork for the Client and that the Client will purchase the work. However, if, upon completion of the work, the Client does not wish to purchase the work, the Client may refuse the created artwork. In that case, the Artist will retain the refused artwork, copyrights, and nonrefundable deposit, free of claims or interests of the Client and the Client will owe no additional fees to the Artist.

(Should you reach your three ‘major revisions’ and still be unhappy with the work, you can choose to refuse the artwork instead of paying for additional revisions.)


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